Starting a Watch Company: The Vision (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

When you establish a company or a business venture it’s always best when the product or service you are aiming to provide is something you yourself would want to use. This is the premise upon which a friend of mine and I wanted to start our watch company. In 2017, when we first had the idea, we saw there were two distinct groups of consumers within the world of horology.

1) The tried and tested lovers of horology with a passion for watchmaking prefer reputable brands such as Omega, Rolex and Patek. These are luxury products made with the best materials on offer and sell for a premium price tag accordingly.

2) On the other hand, there was an emerging and expanding market for fashion watches; Daniel Wellington and MVMT being examples thereof.

It became abundantly clear that there was a void in-between these two markets that was waiting to be filled. The higher-end watches are typically made with surgical grade steel, sapphire glass and using high quality certified automatic movements. On the fashion watch side of the spectrum, the opposite is true; cheap stainless steel, mineral glass, and basic quartz movements.

However, both sides of the story did have characteristics that appealed to their customers. While the high-end watches represented horology at its best, the fashion watches did a far better job at appealing to the styles and preferences of younger generations. While in the past it may have been customary to save up for one expensive watch, consumers of younger generations generally want a wider array of watches that they can wear in different settings. They would also like them to appeal to both the more minimalistic and intricate designs that permeate fashion today. This begs the question; is it possible to create a watch using high-quality materials and an automatic movement that simultaneously abides by the preferences of younger generations?

The answer to that question is yes. I will be delving into the intricacies of how we found the answer to that question in my subsequent post wherein I will discuss the logistics and procedures of starting the company. I will also be taking a closer look at fashion watches and why I feel they are disruptive, while simultaneously provide an opportunity for the watch industry.

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