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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We recently published the article "Is it a good time to buy a Rolex?", which outlined current Rolex prices on the pre-owned market and showed that there were several models that could be picked up at a notable discount.

The article was met with significant interest and we decided to expand upon our research and to create a more detailed guide for other watch manufacturers as well.

We know how much work it is to maintain visibility of price changes, so we decided to do the leg work for you and publish a guide that will be updated monthly so you can stay informed. In this first edition, we are simply capturing the current prices, but depending on your feedback we will continue to evolve this guide.

This Omega price guide includes six watches that we really like. If you are still undecided if Omega is right for you, then you should go check out our "Omega History before 1970" post to learn more about the brand.

As for the prices in this guide, the MSRP prices we provide were pulled directly from Omega's website. The pre-owned prices were sourced from various sites and are not guaranteed but rather aim to provide an indication of the current market.

So, with that being said, here is what we found for Omega:

1. Seamaster Professional 300M

Current Reference - | MSRP - US$ 5,200.00

The current reference of this icon is one of the best divers on the market and it can be had for quite a bit below MSRP.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - |Pre-owned - US$ 3,800.00

While we did see lower-priced variants of the SMP 300, we picked the lowest priced model, which included Box and Papers.

Lowest-priced reference seen - 2561.80.00 | pre-owned - US$ 1,225.00

The lowest-priced SMP 300 from a verified US dealer that we saw was a mid-size quartz SMP 300 from the 1990s.

Learn more about the Seamaster family by checking out the The Comprehensive Omega Seamaster Guide

2. Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

Current Reference - | MSRP - US$ 5,700.00

The Aqua Terra is a great entry-level luxury watch and comes in dozens of variants, with several different strap options. It is a great choice if you are looking for an everyday companion.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - |pre-owned - US$ 3,929.00

Although these can be had for a nice discount on the secondary market, there are not that many available. We only saw three Aqua Terra's from verified US dealers with box and papers.

Lowest-priced reference seen - | pre-owned - US$ 1,895.00

You can pick up an older quartz Aqua Terra for less than half of the current model's MSRP. However, we would recommend saving up an additional US$ 1,500 and purchasing the current reference on the pre-owned market.

Learn more about the Seamaster family by checking out the The Comprehensive Omega Seamaster Guide

3. Constellation Globemaster

Current Reference - | MSRP - US$ 7,200.00

The Globemaster is another great everyday watch from Omega, that incorporates modern technology under the iconic pie-pan dial of the 1950s & 60s.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - |pre-owned - US$ 4,600.00

The Constellation Globemaster is another Omega that we could only find a few pre-owned models of.

Lowest-priced reference seen - | pre-owned - US$ 4,250.00

This model has only been available for a few years, so the only real way to pick up a lower-priced version is to get one with a leather strap rather than the steel bracelet.

4. Speedmaster Professional

Current Reference - 311. | MSRP - US$ 5,350.00

This is certainly Omega's most famous timepiece and only rivaled by the Rolex Submariner in popularity. How many watches are part of an Astronaut's standard kit?

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - 311. |Pre-owned - US$ 3,695.00

Due to the Moonwatch's popularity, there are a lot of pre-owned models available and we would highly encourage anyone considering a Speedmaster to look on the secondary market.

Lowest-priced reference seen - 3510.50.00 | pre-owned - US$ 1,745.00

The lowest-priced Speedmaster from a verified US Dealer was a Speedmaster Reduced. At 39mm, the Speedmaster Reduced can be a great choice for those with smaller wrists.

5. De Ville Tresor

Current Reference - 435. | MSRP - US$ 6,500.00

The Tresor is a newer addition to the De Ville family and is probably our favorite Omega dress watch. It has a beautiful dial, a great movement, and an open case-back to admire it through.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - 435. |pre-owned - US$ 4,950.00

The De Ville Tresor is another Omega watch that is rather scarce on the secondary market. We found three from verified US Dealers that came with box and papers. 

Lowest-priced reference seen - 435. | pre-owned - US$ 4,950.00

There are no other lower-priced references for this model.

6. De Ville

Current Reference - 431. | MSRP - US$ 6,900.00

The De Ville line was initially created as part of the Seamaster family, to be worn in more formal settings. This De Ville exemplifies this quite well and can be easily dressed up and down.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - 431. |pre-owned - US$ 3,350.00

We also only found three of this De Ville reference from verified US Dealers with box and papers. The price shown above seems to be quite the discount as the next lowest priced De Ville of this reference was advertised for $4,650.00.

Lowest-priced reference seen - 7377 | pre-owned - US$ 1,392.00

This vintage Omega De Ville from 1966 looks similar to the De Ville Tresor. We recommend looking for a vintage De Ville, but be mindful to only purchase from sources that you can trust.

Our Conclusion

Most of Omega's current line-up can be had for about a 30% discount on the pre-owned market. We also found that there is low inventory on the pre-owned market for certain models, such as the De Ville Tresor. Overall, the brand remains undervalued and still presents attractive offers for those looking for a premium watch from a manufacturer with a strong heritage.

If you found this Guide interesting or if you'd like to see additional Omega models on this list please let us know in the comment section below.

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