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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We recently published the article "Is it a good time to buy a Rolex?", which outlined current Rolex prices on the pre-owned market and showed that there were several models that could be picked up at a notable discount.

The article was met with significant interest and we decided to expand upon our research and to create a more detailed guide for other watch manufacturers as well.

We know how much work it is to maintain visibility of price changes, so we decided to do the leg work for you and publish a guide that will be updated monthly so you can stay informed. In this first edition, we are simply captured the current prices, but depending on your feedback we will continue to evolve this guide.

This Breitling price guide includes six watches that we really like and if you are still undecided if Breitling is right for you, then you should also go check out our "How good are Breitling watches?" post.

As for the prices in this guide, the MSRP prices we provide were pulled directly from Breitling's website. The pre-owned prices were sourced from various sites and are not guaranteed but rather aim to provide an indication of the current market.

So, with that being said, here is what we found for Breitling:

1. Navitimer B01 Chronograph

Current Reference - AB0127211B1P1 | MSRP - US$ 8,680.00

The Navitimer is probably Breitling's most famous and ingenious watch. The watch can be used to make complex multiplications and was popular among pilots during the middle of the last century.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - AB0127211B1P1 |Pre-owned - US$ 6,076.00

Despite the watch's popularity, there weren't many of this reference available from verified US Dealers with box & papers. We saw five, all ranging between US$ 6-7,000.

Lowest-priced reference seen - A24322 | pre-owned - US$ 3,680.00

There are numerous variants to the Navitimer, but one that we saw that most closely resembled the current Navitimer B01 Chronograph was the Breitling Navitimer World Chronograph. That being said, if you are looking for something with a little bit of a smaller case size and slightly less expensive, you also check out the Navitimer 8 Chronograph

2. Premier B01 Chronograph

Current Reference - AB0118221G1P1 | MSRP - US$ 6,500.00

The Premier is one of our favorite timepieces that Breitling produces. It has a vintage charm and carries an in-house chronograph movement.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - AB0118221G1P1 |pre-owned - US$ 5,740.00

It is hardly surprising that this watch is trading close to MSRP on the secondary market and although there were more of these available than of the Navitimer B01 Chronograph, there was less than ten total.

Lowest-priced reference seen - A13315351B1X1 | pre-owned - US$ 3,850.00

If the in-house movement of the Premier B01 Chronograph and box & papers are not important to you, you can pick up an older edition of the Premier Chronograph for a significant discount. That being said, we recommend the Premier B01 Chronograph.

3. Aerospace Evo

Current Reference - E79363101C1E1 | MSRP - US$ 4,375.00

The Aerospace is part of the Breilting professional analog/digital line. These quartz watches are popular among civilian and military pilots.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - E79363101C1E1 |pre-owned - N/A

While there are other Aerospace EVO models available on the secondary market, we could not find any watches of this particular reference.

Lowest-priced reference seen - E7936310/BC27.152E | pre-owned - US$ 2,850.00

Although there are not that many of these on the secondary market, you can certainly purchase an Aerospace EVO for under US$ 3,000.

4. Superocean heritage B20

Current Reference - AB2030161C1A1 | MSRP - US$ 4,985.00

This vintage-inspired diver has become another fan favorite. Elegant, yet robust, simply a great choice if you are in the market for a dive watch.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - AB2030161C1A1 | Pre-owned - US$ 3,550.00

A number of these are available on the secondary market and in several cases, they are still unworn. We recommend picking up a Superocean Heritage through a verified Dealer you can trust.

Lowest-priced reference seen - AB2030121B1A1 | pre-owned - US$ 3,250.00

If you don't care about papers and you are not picky when it comes to dial color, you can pick up a Superocean Heritage for just over US$ 3,000 from a verified US Dealer.

5. Superocean

Current Reference - A17367D71B1A1 | MSRP - US$ 4,200.00

At an impressive 1000 meters of water resistance, this Superocean can take you almost as far as the Omega Ploprof. This is a great sport watch that will serve as a robust companion.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - A17367D71B1A1 |pre-owned - US$ 2,940.00

While there are not that many of these available from verified US Dealers with box & papers, we certainly recommend purchasing one of these pre-owned if you are in the market.

Lowest-priced reference seen - A17366021B1A1 | pre-owned - US$ 2,750.00

If you want to the same design, but with a smaller case size you can also get a 42mm Superocean for about $2,750. Although the design and case size will be different, you can purchase an older Superocean for under US$ 2,000 from a verified US Dealer.

6. Avenger

Current Reference - A17318101B1A1 | MSRP - US$ 3,750.00

The Avenger is a solid entry-level Breitling watch. Aimed at "airborne adventurers" it is a solid, robust and reliable watch.

Lowest-priced current Reference seen - A17318101B1A1 |pre-owned - US$ 2,625.00

We found several of these models on the secondary market, that were advertised as "new" with box & papers from verified US Dealers. While we do recommend doing your own research when it comes to these dealers, they certainly present compelling offers.

Lowest-priced reference seen - E73360 | pre-owned - US$ 1,895.00

Interestingly enough, we found a Chronograph Avenger with box & papers for under US$ 2,000, so there are deals to be had when it comes to the Avenger line.

Our Conclusion

While some current Breitling models, such as the Avenger present budget-friendly pre-owned options under US$ 3,000, the company certainly also offers some higher-end models that seem to hold their value very well. These include the Navitimer B01 Chronograph and the Premier B01 Chronograph.

If you found this Guide interesting or if you'd like to see additional Breitling models on this list please let us know in the comment section below.

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